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I used historical parallels regarding languages. A mother language, Iriack, spawned others just as Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese came from Latin. The Snarshyimt speak a language with a different root. They brought down an empire just as Germanic tribes brought down the Roman Empire, and they drink beer! Jorgis the Hojyim invented an alphabet for the Snarshyim language as St. Cyril did for the Russians during the 9th century in our world.

To differentiate the Snarshyim language from the others, I decided that Snarshyim words don't start or end with vowels, nor use consecutive vowels, and the other languages don't have blended consonants.

Quotes from the Novel:

Hamunth tried to pronounce the difficult name. "Eereeak?" The Chizdekyim language had similar names with too many connecting sounds. This one even began with a connecting sound.

"I based the Snarshyim symbols on ones from the Iriack language," said Jorgis. "The symbols for all the languages having them--Chizdekyim, Kendulyim, Yarsishyim, and others--are based on Iriack ones."

"I devised Snarshyim symbols like the Chizdekyim language and others have. Each sound in our language has a symbol, twenty-two framing sounds and fifteen connecting ones."

"Consider our names. Jorgis, Befdaul, Kevyar, and Davlek all have two parts, and each part has a connecting sound between two framing sounds."

"We don't have multiple connecting sounds in the Snarshyim language, so they're difficult to say."

"The languages based on the Iriack language don't combine framing sounds like ours does," said Jorgis.
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Published on September 21, 2014 21:26
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