As I've mentioned before (It's always sunny on Deucado), I don't like dealing with night so most of my action takes place during the day. However, in Part 2 of Rome's Revolution, I wanted to have the action take place over a 72-hour block so I had to acknowledge that night occurs. Even in science fiction.

The solution was the plot out the action to map which scenes took place during the day and which took place at night. I wanted the book (which became part 2) to start out with Rome and Rei together, have them split up, go on separate journeys and end up together again for the climax. Here it is, kind of visually:

Rei's journey was the be in the physical domain: from the Ibbrassati village north, meeting the Deucadons, crossing the River Karole and ending up at the Vuduri enclave again.

Rome's journey was to be intellectual. She took on the Overmind of Deucado and broke it down, step by step, until it finally understood that not only was genocide wrong but now that the Stareaters had arrived, the Vuduri needed the mandasurte more than ever.

So I had my narrative, I plotted the phases of the moons Mockay and Givvy and off I went.
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