New Short Story Out For Kindle

Well, it's a case of bad news/goods news. Bad news: I didn't win the Baen Fantasy Award (not wholly unexpected, of course). Good news: I'm posting my submission on Amazon, so my effort will earn me a few bucks and start laying the groundwork for my next series of novels.

It's been a pretty good year so far. As of the end of July, I've earned enough between the Kickstarter and Kindle sales to match a typical book advance from mainstream publishing. Given that if Armageddon Girl had been traditionally published the book would still not be out yet (and thus I'd have only gotten about 2/3 of the advance at best), I'm actually ahead earnings wise. I'm no J.A. Konrath but self-pub so far has been much better to me than legacy publishing is ever likely to be.

tl;dr: I'm happy doing what I love, and if you want to read a horror/adventure yarn, check out my story at:
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Published on July 31, 2014 22:28
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