Clock - Poem #5 for April 2014 Poetry Project

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ClocksPhoto by Amy LV

Students - I have decided to write non-rhyming poems on day 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 of this month's project.  Today you do hear chime/time, but this is mostly a free verse poem, something I wish to become stronger at writing.
Today's poem took thirty-three minutes to write, one of the shortest this month so far.  The spark that lit it was the idea of how frequently a clock face is looked at...until it stops working.  Then no one looks.  How strange that change must be for a clock.
My drafts for this poem are below, and I do realize that looking at these may be rather uninteresting.  They look the same each day: crossouts, arrows, lists of rhyming words, more crossouts.  But I promised to include them, and so include them I will.  (Mark, my husband, laughs that I could put the same ones up each day and no one would likely notice!)
Clocks - Draft Page Spread #1Photo by Amy LV
In these handwritten drafts, you see the word still in the last stanza instead of motionless, which appears in the typed version.  The reason for the change is that as I typed, I knew I had recently typed still.  And so I did - in "Baseball Glove" - yesterday.  I changed it as I do not like repeating the same words throughout a collection.  If it is supposed to be repeated, yes.  But if the repetition is not intentional and does not add anything to the collection, then out it goes.
Clocks - Draft Page Spread #2Photo by Amy LV
One thing I always revise and edit are the words the/a/these/this.  It is often best not to include these words at all, but sometimes such little words are necessary.  It matters greatly to me which one I use when, and so often I go back and forth, forth and back until each choice sounds just right to my listening ear.
Last night I wrote in a coffee shop with Mark  (he was doing taxes).  Our daughter was at a movie in town, and so we listened to Tim Weir play his guitar and sing at Taste in East Aurora, NY as we worked.  Here are the sounds of busy coffee shop writing.

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Published on April 04, 2014 21:01
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