James K Moore’s Haiku and Triku collections set to be available in paperback format soon

Chicago, IL (March, 2014) – James K Moore is a poet and author, who works mainly on contemporary writing. With three series of poetry books released to his credit,
James K Moore applies poetic and metaphorical language to captivate his readers through his books. His writing involves a generous supply of poetic imagery, which has often been classified as a part of the new ‘Romantic Movement.’

All of James K Moore’s books are available on Kindle and have received rave reviews on the popular website GoodReads. The first series, ‘A Haiku The Collection,’ is a complete collection of seventy five haikus in all. Touching upon various subjects ranging from religion to prison, the haikus are simple and easy to read and very captivating.

The second series, the Triku collection is a collection of a different style of Japanese poetry; the Triku. Composed of poems which contain three sets of Haiku poems, these are unique poems that are engaging and easy to follow. James K Moore’s Triku collection is a collection of forty such poems on various different subjects.

With great reviews and a large public backing, these two books are soon to be available on paperback, following the third series of books by the same author. The Book of Poetry by James K Moore is already available in both formats. The book of poetry is a collection of poems about love, romance and life. Following its immense success in both paperback and digital formats, the Haiku and Triku collections, too have been commissioned for a paperback format.

“My next book is something I’m looking forward to releasing,” says James K Moore. “I have a lot of surprises ready for my fans for 2014.” Author and poet James K Moore is an ardent writer and is poised to pen another book, which should be published shortly in both kindle as well as paperback formats. Constantly in search of newer and original methods of expressing himself, the author’s upcoming novel is set to be another bestseller taking readers through an emotional and spiritual journey full of delightful surprises. Make sure you visit his Amazon author page http://amazon.com/author/jameskmoore today.
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