Develop an abstract up to 150-words describing your scenario for future human evolution, specifically addressing the following question:
"How will humans evolve in the future? Describe a scenario for future human evolution, rooted in what you understand about human evolution in the past."
The abstract should have a descriptive title, included within the 150 words.

Talking Change

The cooperative nature of humans, which saw Homo Sapiens flourish versus other Homo genus lines, will pare down language differences around the globe. Technology’s advancements will tighten its ever reaching grip. Devices chronicling daily events have already created several world projects: music, art, presentations, etc. The need to further establish a common mode of communication will see a rise in a universal language. There may be some dialect differences. However, Latin was once the unifying connector within the ancient world, a collective language will narrow racial and country divides. An amalgam of words and meanings will be incorporated and learned. Text vernacular is already common speech (#talkingpoints). Language promotes understanding and negates attitudes of separation. The ability to be understood can diminish natural frustrations and prejudices. It establishes a basis for growth and a tool for strengthening social bonds.

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Published on February 24, 2014 06:47 • 181 views • Tags: archaelogy, human-evolution

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