[image error] Fantastic read!, January 7, 2014By According to Ditter "Ditter" (Florida, USA)Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Serpent's Game (Jonathan Brooks) (Kindle Edition)Are you a fan of Robert Ludlum or Daniel Silva spy thrillers? If you are, this book will leave your syna
pses crackling and hungering for more from A.C. Frieden. The hero is New Orleans maritime lawyer Jonathan Brooks, and he now faces an impossible dilemma. Only days before Hurricane Katrina tears through the city, a woman from his past--a Russian spy named Mariya--asks him for a favor. And it’s not an easy one. She wants him to recover a body at the morgue that she thinks is her nephew. But Brooks discovers something far more troubling than he ever imagined. The first chapters weave through his search for clues, blending forensic pathology and good old crime-solving skills, with fiery tension between the characters, and strong dialogue, too. But when Katrina strikes, Brooks’ methodical investigation spirals into a desperate fight for survival. Chased by unknown assassins and caught up in the mayhem of New Orleans’ looted neighborhoods, Brooks barely escapes the city alive. From there the twists multiply as he tracks down Mariya in Houston, and together they head to Central America for a storm of a different kind--a hair-raising hunt for villains in the Panama Canal and in the crime-filled streets of Caracas, Venezuela, where Frieden has some of the most gripping scenes. The heart-thumping tale also juxtaposes a fascinating subplot: Two CIA assets—an analyst and a career assassin. Their separate, conflicting travails regarding a potential North Korean defector eventually violently collide with Brooks’ pursuit in the Venezuelan capital. The story also includes short but riveting scenes in Havana, Moscow and Singapore to spice up the finale, where the stakes could not be higher. Full of suspense, realistic action, and smart plotting. Highly recommend!                                           Amazon buy link!
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