7 Quick Takes Friday – Happy New Year!

7_quick_takes_sm1Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. New Year’s Day Tradition

One of my New Year’s Day traditions (besides attending Mass) is making a huge pot of my grandparents’ “Vegetable Soup.” When I was growing up in Philadelphia and New Jersey, my mother made this scrumptious soup every New Year’s Day. We welcomed guests, watched the Mummers Parade and ate soup. I’ve continued this tradition with my own family. If you’re interested in the recipe, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you.DSC_0746

2. A Subtle Grace – Update

A Subtle Grace will be released on Kindle March 22nd, 2014 (Feast day of St. Catherine of Sweden). The print book will be available on Amazon on April 6th, 2014 (Blessed Pierina). Speaking of saints, St. Agnes plays a pivotal role in this story and is the patron saint of this novel.

Most of the edits are finished!! My medical and gun experts are going through the pre-publication draft for historical and technical accuracy. My spiritual director has read it (thank you!!) and now my team of beta readers are reading it. Last step? Proofreaders!! If you’re interested in receiving a review copy, either leave a comment below or email me: fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail.com. A Subtle Grace front cover Nov2013

3. Full Quiver Publishing is Growing!

This year, FQP will be publishing four novels!! For this small company, that’s nothing less than a boon!FQ logo square

4. My Favorite Christmas Gift

My favorite Christmas gift was this amazing video my husband and three of my sons made for me: a medley of two popular Christmas songs (you can view it without a FB account).

5. The Gate by Nancy Carabio Belanger, mini-review

Josh is an eighth grader with an attitude. When his teacher assigns a pen-pal project involving an elderly man in a rest home, Josh wants nothing better than to finish it and move on. Since his father died, Josh has become accustomed to doing the minimum at school, at home and at church. He is angry, frustrated and self-centered. When Josh finally meets his pen-pal, Pie, the feisty and devoutly Catholic elderly man challenges him in more ways than one. As Josh’s friendship with the man deepens, Josh realizes that he has much to be thankful for, most especially his friendship with Pie. This is a beautiful, well-written story and I highly recommend it for all ages! Buy it here on Amazon.

6. Yo Vikings

My husband and the cast of Kanata Theatre’s Yo Vikings did a wonderful job at their recent performances!! Below is a photo of James in costume taken with some of our family members.Photo copyright A. Hrkach

Photo copyright A. Hrkach

7. 2013 Hrkach Family Christmas Card

This year’s Christmas card!!Image copyright James Hrkach

Image copyright James Hrkach

Copyright 2014 Ellen Gable Hrkach

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Published on January 03, 2014 03:00
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