The Crime Fiction Lover has a list of newly- or about-to-be released novels that you might like to bookmark for reading on a cold winter's night. If you're a lover of police procedurals, there are a number included in this list.

The books showcased include the newest Alex Cross mystery, as well as crime fiction by Kathy Bennett and Kendra Elliot. Lawrence Block has also published his first new book in a decade featuring the bookseller turned bandit Bernie Rhodenbarr.

The Brits are represented by Malcolm MacKay, publishing the last book in his trilogy based on Glasgow criminal gangs; Peter James, who introduces a new protagonist in his Brighton tales; and Kate Ellis in her latest novel featuring DI Wesley Peterson. These books will be available in January 2014.

Also included is Dominique Silva's The Dark Angel. Silva is a French journalist and crime fiction writer who lives in Japan.

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