Lord of the Hunt (Court of Annwyn, #2) by Shona Husk Excerpt from Lord of the Hunt coming January 7 2014
“Finished playing cards?” Verden was hidden in shadows so she couldn’t read his expression, but she could hear the sharpness of his words. Was that jealousy?

“For tonight.” They both knew she had to keep going for her parents. “Finished scowling?”

Silence. Then he moved, stepping into the dappled moonlight. “I hate this. Yet I can’t stop. I want to play cards with you. I want to dance with you instead of pretending I don’t care.” His fingers traced down her arm. “Then I think maybe it’s only because I can’t have you that I want you.”

She knew exactly what he meant. Of all the men at Court, Verden was the one who could derail her plans, and yet he was the one who drew her eye. She wanted him. She closed the distance between them, her body almost touching his. “We could test that theory.”

He turned his head so his lips brushed hers. Not quite a kiss, but it was enough to make her heart flutter. “What are you suggesting?”

Her tongue darted over her lip. What exactly was she suggesting? Anything in public was out…but they could do anything they wanted in private. “Did you want to lose that bet?”

“I would only lose if we were found out. Some things are best kept secret.”

His mouth closed over hers, stealing her breath with a desperate kiss.

She didn’t want to be here a moment longer. “Let’s leave and pretend the Court doesn’t exist.”

“I am more than happy to grant that desire.”
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