Evie Alexis, the wonderful woman who wrote my first review for Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology, just wrote an excellent review for Bloodmaiden: the Novel:

No, this is not deja-vu. My previous review was for an anthology collection of Christine’s works only providing samples. Think of a demo album for Paul McCartney’s greatest hits.

Now I had the opportunity to read one of the works in the anthology from start to finish. The novel and the anthology bear the same name, Bloodmaiden.

Once again, I was marveled by this young woman’s writing. The depth of her descriptions and the power of her imagery is a testament to more than just years of fine writing tutelage. Christine has true talent. She is a visionary, creating illusory and magical worlds that include sprites, nymphs, dragons and castles. But more importantly she creates heroes, brave and noble and remarkably vulnerable. They spring forward to save others in the midst of terror. Crisilin and Chalom are a vibrant and bold young pair. In saving themselves, they manage to save generations of people, establishing peace in a fear struck society.

Regardless of what your preferred genre is, I hope you get to at least sample Christine’s work. You won’t be disappointed.

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It's all up-hill from here, God willing! God bless, and thanks again to all for their prayers, support, and readership!
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