October Recap: New Book On the Way,the 15,000 Copy Giveaway, NaNoMo, and What's Next.

Hey guys! It's been awhile. As always things are busy and ever-changing here on my end. I took some time off from blogging during the month of October to get somethings out of the way, both for in personal life and of course in my career as a writer.

To start things off,in mid October I finished the first book in my new series which I'll refer to as Project Last Light until the project has an official title. I've been playing with a couple names as well as a pen name for it and the books to come. Last week I sent it off to my editor so hopefully I won't slip into a massive depression from all of the red marks (kidding). Project Last light was supposed to be out before the end of this year but it looks like we are looking at late January 2014. Which is still good. Starting the year off with a new title in a new genre under a new name...that just screams epic journey.

Something else that went on in the month of October was National Bullying Prevention Month. If you guys check out my facebook https://www.facebook.com/live.learn.a...
or have read I'm Only Human After All you can see that bullying is a big issue with me. Can't stand it. Drives me CRAZY when I see people ending their lives prematurely because of pointless cruelty. I have always said this and I will continue to say this: We have so many other things to worry about in the world without coming at each other's necks. We should back each other up and aim to make the world a better place. Like seriously, we have world hunger and natural disasters happening left and right but people will rather mistreat you over your race or how you dress or how you look, anything. So many bigger issues. In the bigger picture does it really matter what my skin color, or my background, or how I express myself? We got to put all that baseless hate away. Whew, let me get off my high horse ;). Anywho, for National Bullying Prevention Month I decided to do a promo with Amazon using KDP Select to distribute the kindle edition I'm Only Human After All worldwide for free. The promotion lasted for 48 hours and in that time roughly 15,000 copies were distributed. To put that in perspective that is the population of a small town. If those people where to have shown up at my door it would have been a ridiculously long line, so thank you technology for making that possible and allowing me to stay in my PJ's all day. But seriously, it's an honor that so many people value my voice and I strive to stay true in delivering my message. It's amazing to know that even though I'm not writing the most exciting stuff, it's making a HUGE difference. Hopefully due to the promos the books fall into the right hands and there is once less death due to bullying or that a student picks it up and changes his/her ways. Hopefully, someone going through it like I did at that time, finds the light and gets help so they don't have to suffer anymore. That being said, it is still a goal of mine to have this book and series in schools worldwide.

Next up on the list is what I'm doing for National Novel Month, or NaNoMO for short. The goal for NaNoMo is to write a novel in 30 days. Sounds fun, right? It totally is haha! Something that I've been trying to do is work in different genres on my side projects to become more well rounded so for this year I've decided to make a paranormal thriller. The plot is essentially a female demon hunter vs a slew of things stemming from the supernatural. At the moment I'm less than 20 pages in so I don't want to give out any plot points just yet but do know that it is happening. This time last year I was working on Project Last Light and it made it so I expect to have this one come through and flourish into a series of its own in time. By the way Supernatural is the main inspiration for this one. It is my all time favorite show. I'm probably going to watch the latest episode after I'm done writing this.

So what's next?

A couple of months ago I moved up to Baton Rouge from New Orleans and now I'm considering another move to attend grad school. Got to do more research, but I think it'll do me good. I'm looking into going into I/O Psychology so I can be qualified to work more so in the field of human and organizational development. the field feels like home.

As for the inquiries about Book 3 of the empowerment series, it has not been forgotten, trust me. I do have a title for that one and I am still actively taking notes for it. Books that stem from my personal life take time because it takes a lot to write them. It's always heavy stuff. Blah...and you know we got some issues we have to discuss for the third go round because it's going to finish up my high school career and possibly all of my college career. So fro m Junior year of HS to graduating college is roughly six years. A lot of stuff...even though at the moment I want to focus the book on my college experience, more so along the lines of identity, acceptance, relationships, racial stereotypes/racism (yes it clearly does still exist), and my good ole' friend self worth.

Okay, well that was a lot but it is always good to keep every body up to speed.

PS: Drifting (Book 2 of the Empowerment Series) is available now at all major online retailers. I'm Only Human After All will no longer be exclusive with Amazon in the near future.

Until next time :)

I'm Only Human After All


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