A Few of My Favorite Things about Boise, Idaho

First of all, I have to admit that I’m not a native Boisean, or even a native Idahoan. My dad was in the service, so I lived in five different states until the middle of my freshman year when we landed in Wyoming. I was blessed enough to stay there through college and beyond, but in 2000, my husband and I found the perfect place to spread our roots: beautiful Boise, Idaho. The locals assure me that they count me as one of their own because #1-I’ve been here long enough and #2-I pronounce Boise correctly with an “s” instead of a “z.”
The reason I set Eternal Mercury in Boise is simple: I love it here. And yes, Big Jud’s has the best burgers, Deli George the best sandwiches, and Papa Joe’s and Fiesta Guadalajara are awesome restaurants. Rumor even has it that a couple of people have checked out some of those places because of the book. That is way cool.
I never take that view for granted. Ever. The mountains, the foothills, downtown sandwiched in between all those trees, and the river running right through it all. But even out of all that, the one thing that stands out for me is the Table Rock Cross. When you look toward downtown from the Boise Depot, there to your right is a mesa. And on top of that mesa, always lit in bright white, is a cross standing sixty feet tall. In the daylight, sometimes you can barely make out the outline, but in the dark it glows faithfully above the city. I’ve posted a few pictures of on my website, but nothing captures it the way Idaho Statesman photographer Kyle Green did the night of the super moon. Check this out: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...
A symbol of hope is what the Jaycees hoped it would be when they constructed it in 1956, and that is exactly what it has been and will continue to be for so many people.
I can only hope that the way I feel about my adopted hometown shines through in my writing enough to do it justice. Thank you, Boise!
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Published on November 05, 2013 18:10 Tags: boise, table-rock-cross
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