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Carmilla: A Dark Fugue - is a stand alone tale of terror, which unfolds parallel to the events in Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria, and it is a story I have decided to post as a Goodreads, Halloween freebie(!).

I hope you'll enjoy the events which are about to unfold before you, and any feedback or reviews posted will, of course, be gratefully received.

If you are a fan of vampires and werewolves then read on. However, be warned. Nobody sparkles around here. We are about to go 'old school!'

Chapter 1

Excerpt from the private journal of Thomas Bennett. September 11th, 1860.

I have spent long hours pondering the facts revealed to me these past days, it is a truth only fully realized by the discovery of my old friend’s journal. Strange then, that even after all which has occurred, and even in light of these further revelations, I still refer to him as friend.

Certainly his hands are stained crimson, and I knew this already, but such deeds as these he has undertaken, did I ever truly know the man?

Even now as I stare at the weathered pages of his journal, which now lays open on my desk, placed carefully alongside my own. I wonder, did he choose to abandon the book, that the crimes contained within be better understood, or did the necessity of circumstance force uncharacteristic haste?

So many questions remain as a result of these recent horrors, and it is likely I shall never attain all the answers I would seek; however, there is one thing which does remain most likely. Should the church elders in Gratz, or the gendarmerie learn of the General’s discarded tome, then they will almost certainly seek to claim it. I sense there is a wish on their part to remove these occurrences from history, but too many wives and daughters have already been lost, and as a father myself, how could I be complicit with such a deceit?

I have therefore taken the conscious decision to transcribe the most relevant of these events onto the pages of my own journal. It is important the world remains steadfastly aware, for Satan’s minions move freely amongst us, as we in Styria have discovered to our recent great cost.

My friend’s words present as an affront to my senses, jarring at my soul, and reaching out to me from the yellowed pages of his book. However, I must move past my own scorn of this man, as it is, I feel, imperative I set down his account of the events which unfolded.

The book before me rests open on pages dated June 29th in this year of our Lord 1860.


Thanks for reading. And happy Halloween!

David Carmilla A Dark Fugue by David Brian
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Published on October 24, 2013 03:56 Tags: gothic, historical, horror, vampires, werewolves
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message 1: by Kaddi (new)

Kaddi Thank you. So cool that you posted this on here. Loved the book and loved this.

message 2: by David (new)

David Brian Thanks, Kaddi. Good to know you enjoyed the story:)

message 3: by Janie (new)

Janie That was a disturbing little read David. I mean that in a good way lol!

message 4: by David (new)

David Brian Thanks,Janie. But you had me worried there for a moment:)

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