After a nice stiff drink.
What do I think?
I've got my list about
Where I want it I shout...


People who think.
People who wink
At the conceited.
Just what is needed --


People who give a damn
And seem to be fam.
People who stop to share.
People who really care


And always put self
Away on some shelf!
I love, yes, LOVE, my FB friends
Who shun trendy trends!


Oriented toward global type
Peace & activism --no hype!
Welcome to the world we want,
No kids nor animals sad and gaunt.


Hope is ours and we march to that
Whenever we click away and chat!


Sincerely yours, Susie Sexton -- that is I!
That's all for now...Love ya! Good-bye!


neat comments!

Jayson Leary: "Ma'am, are you any relation to the 20th century poet Anne Sexton?"

Rachael Hiscock: "Sounds like a perfect world (no kids nor animals sad and gaunt)."

Colin Lively: "I love Susie's look now too. Very chic, casual, timeless."

Tari Joyce: "As beautiful then as you are now!!!"

Diane Shenkman Baumgarten: "Beautiful photo!"

Nichole O'Reilly: "I LOVE this photo!"


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Sent to me by Squawk Backer Carissa Serino:

Traveling Friends Transit is an up-and-coming animal rescue transport service, and our mission is to save animals from high kill shelters, and bring them to the loving arms of fosters, rescuers, and adopters. Every day, 10,000 healthy, and adoptable animals are murdered in shelters, because there is not enough room or they cannot afford to keep them alive. Transportation is key to the rescue process. Someone may live in New York, and want to adopt a dog from Texas, so this is where transportation comes in. We have done volunteer transports, and I am an approved driver for Kindred Hearts Transportation Connection, and Martha's Mutt Movers.

Here is the link:

My long-term boyfriend and I are very passionate about animals, and we want to help them any way we can. We set up our campaign on Indiegogo, a crowd funding site, to help us raise funds for our future small business. We listed specific amounts on our campaign page along with perks, but people can donate anything they can afford, they just cannot choose a perk. We have raised $355 so far, but our goal is $10,000 (the same number of innocent animals killed every day). We are hoping and praying we can achieve our goal before the deadline on November 18, 2013. We also intend to make our transportation prices affordable for everyone interested in rescuing an animal. We do not want to cut into the animals' funds.

We have also just posted a new promotion, which will provide transportation discounts to those looking to foster, rescue, or adopt an animal. We need support from the animal community, and we cannot do this without your help.

Every animal deserves to live, and we do not have the power to deny them that. Every animal deserves to be loved and cared for. Every animal has the right to find their forever home, so please help us save their lives. Only you can make a difference even if it is for one animal. Big or small, Traveling Friends Transit, will transport any animal in need of saving. - Carissa Serino


Secrets of an Old Typewriter Stories from a Smart and Sassy Small Town Girl by Susie Duncan Sexton

Read about movies and nostalgia, animal issues and sociopolitical concerns all discussed in my book Secrets of an Old Typewriter - print and ebook versions available (click the title to order from publisher Open Books' website). Also available in both formats at, or download from iTunes

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Join a great group of animal advocates Squawk Back: Helping animals when others can't ... Or won't

Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Stories from a Smart and Sassy Small Town Girl
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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Morton Very nice new look

message 2: by Susie (new)

Susie Sexton Mary wrote: "Very nice new look" thanks, Mary!

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat Susie, I love the pictures and I like your photo at the end with your Batgirl mask. Great look for you cause you have always been my superhero. I was thinking along the lines of wonder women but you picked Batgirl so I will go with your choice. I have the new book on hold at my favorite book store and when the put it out on the shelf I will have my copy. Love you my friend and so happy for you. Love Kat

message 4: by Susie (new)

Susie Sexton CATWOMAN WOULD BE MY CHOICE! =^..^= I love your message, kat! KATWOMAN! LOL! YOU are MY
super-hero! you made my day! love you right back....

message 5: by Kat (new)

Kat Catwomen, Now Susie that is awesome you give me inspiration everyday and I'm so thankful to have you in my corner what would I ever do without you. You make my day without even trying. Yesterday I was having one of those days and I got on here to read this article and it made me feel so much better.

I was going to tell you that I have your book on hold and when it comes out I will have it right away.
Give my love to Roy too okay and I can't forget Don. LOL
Love you <3<3 Kat

message 6: by Susie (new)

Susie Sexton love you, too, deserve an endless string of happy days. so tickled that you are in my corner as well...enjoy the book -- and you write one, too!

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