photo evolution_zpsfugxpfyj.jpgAlthough this is the second book in the Richard Carter series, it was the fourth one written, and the first set in the Ozarks. I moved Richard directly into Hawthorn County from Michigan. (If you read Bonne Femme, you understand the reason for the move.) However, after two novels set there, I realized that the move to the hill country was not seamless. So I wrote Cold Tears as a bridge to take the Carters from Breton County, Michigan to Hawthorn County Missouri, and to take Richard from pardoned felon to rural deputy sheriff. The Carters also had emotional and marital problems to resolve. Cold Tears gave me the opportunity tie up loose ends and settle them (emotionally and physically) in the place where they begin gathering a non-traditional extended family.

Another way this book was out of place was that it was published third instead of second as it should have been. This was unavoidable due to contractual problems which are best not discussed. Suffice it to say, things were resolved in time for me to publish shortly after Canaan Camp.

This novel was great fun to write, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. I got attached to another character, a strong young woman. I must confess that I am partial to powerful female characters.

Cold Tears
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