I'm a maverick, a rebel with a cause, and a plain-old prospector. These flags fly proud, though a bit tattered at times. It is in the tradition of self-publishing and home-schooling, some of my alternative endeavors, that I begin my Master's Degree in Creative Writing.

Hopefully, I will inspire others to think outside of their educational box. While I proudly hold a Bachelor's of Arts in Studio Art from Spring Hill College; I have learned knowledge is the true badge of honor. Though my Creative Master's may only be applicable within my small realm of influence, learning is invaluable wherever you are in life.

I will accomplish my goal with a combination of online course work, offered through the Brentwood Library (via ed2go), and literature works. My class homework will be published on my personal webpage: Kristen Kindoll. Please check back frequently to read my progress.

In conjunction, I will read classical/pivotal literature. Check out my Current reading list. The books flagged with the book shelf: Master's Degree are the ones that I am reading for my degree. In an effort to further challenge myself, I will publish critical essay blog entries. I plan to have discussions with interested blog readers and within my private book club.

For further clarification, I am not affiliated with any official institution of higher learning or any specific Graduate program. This "Master's degree" is purely designed and put together by me. If you are so inclined or interested in pursuing a similar idea, I'm listing how I'm accomplishing my program. I will update my Class List, so check back!

Current Class List:
Pleasures of Poetry - Completed
The Keys to Effective Editing - Completed
Publish and Sell Your Ebooks - Completed
Modern & Post Modern - Completed
Mystery Writing - Completed
Screenwriting - Completed
On-line Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative - Completed
Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade - Completed
Fiction of Relationships
Modern & Contemporary Poetry
The Art of Poetry
Shakespeare on the Page and in Performance
How Writers Write Fiction
How Writers Write Poetry
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