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What are the names of your current books?

Remember to Pray: Day Planner, 2013 Day Planner and my recently debut children’s book called A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z.

What projects are you working on now (or next)?

I have a few things going on, but I am currently working on my next children’s book which will be out soon.

When did you start writing, and why do you write?

Firstly, one of my favorite past time when I was in high school was reading and from reading, I became interested in writing. Writing was a hobby at first and for a long time which led me to gradually writing professionally. Secondly, I write because of the way it makes me feel - happy. I love the playfulness of words and the sky is the limit when I write, there are no boundaries and I enjoy that amongst other things about writing.

What inspired your first book?

My relationship with God.

Your debut children’s book was recently published. Tell us a bit about the book.

It’s a silly, rhyming alphabet book, but educational at the same time.

What makes it silly?

Silly in the sense that there are animals driving cars, ironing, praying and other silly things happening - it’s great imaginative fun. Educational because it is an instructional book in which children will learn the alphabet and be introduced to animals new and known. The illustrations are vibrant and fun, love them.

Whose idea was it to make them so colorful?

It was my idea, as I know that children gravitate towards books with colorful characters, hence the illustrator and I worked closely together to birth my vision for all the characters.

Do you have a writing regimen?

No, but I try to write everyday to keep the writing juices flowing, but I do not always get a chance to.

What was the hardest part about writing your book?

SD: Many-a-times, I know what I want to say, but somehow it did not come out in the same way on paper.

What else would you like to tell your readers?

Make sure that you write for the love of writing and the joy it brings and not for monetary gain. If not, you will be disappointed because not all writers become bestsellers or make any money, if any at all.

Simone Da' Costa is a writer, author, self-publisher and freelance magazine writer. Simone has written many articles for several North American Magazines. She has self-published two books, Remember to Pray and 2013 Hummingbird Day Planner. She recently debut her first children’s book, A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z and it has already received stellar.

Simone is a writer who enjoys the compelling feeling that writing brings. In the words of Miss Da Costa ‘Writing is seen as a tool with which to free yourself in a limitless world of playful words while at the same time welcome your ideas, thoughts and imagination onto the page. Most off all, the passion to write is, simply put, inspiring, challenging, enjoying and empowering.

Simone operates a blog called ‘Simone’s Blog – Depicting the writer in you.’ A blog designed to stimulate a writer’s creative spirit in expressive that gives joy to the creator as well as the reader.

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Simone Thank you, Sue for an awesome interview.

Big HUGS!!!

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Sue Julsen Thanks for making the interview so easy, and of course all the fabulous info about you and your books! :)

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