OK, this is a follow-up post to this first post in March where I was wondering about this weird Discover "It" Card commercial, where they are suggesting that they treat you like you would treat you.   I have now watched the whole series and have concluded (as much as this is possible) that the actors are DIFFERENT PEOPLE in each commercial-- one playing the cardholder, and one playing a customer service rep that looks enough like the cardholder.

Here is the version of this commercial series that convinced me.  

These two old white guys are definitely NOT the same person.

I still think this series is totally confusing and takes away from the overall message of the Discover Card brand and this new service they're rolling out.
But, and I don't know if this is in response to people talking about how confusing the series was-- it does seem like they are now trying to make the actors look different. Here's an example of a commercial in this series where you can clearly tell that these actors are not the same person:

When I told Stephan about this further development in the case of the commercial series, he said: "So, now they're deliberately confusing you to try to get you to use a product that you don't want and no one accepts. Great!"

Also-- who is the Agency of Record for this series? I am going to the Effie Awards this week. Maybe they will be there and I can ask them!

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