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I'm so excited to have Lilly Gayle guest blog on my site today! Lilly's Out of the Darkness was one of the very first TWRP books I'd read. Quality writing, sexy and intelligent reading, I was hooked from the very first page. This lady knows how to write a FANTASTIC story. I remember pestering her to hurry up and write the next book in this series. I wanted Gerard's book so badly (you will too once you've devoured OotD) so I was shameless, even though I didn't know her so well then. Then, one day I got an email from TWRP (I'm signed up as a first-reader for them) to read and evaluate a manuscript that had just come in. I do believe I screamed a little and did a little jig in my excitement when I saw the title and author :) Okay - enough of me and my girl-fan squealing. Lets hear from Lilly and how she came to write the Darkness series.
When I first decided to write about vampires back in 2005, I knew I wanted to stick closely to some of the original legends. No glittering vampires for me! I also wanted my hero to have a conscience. In my opinion, a heroic vampire wouldn't want to be a vampire. So, I had him searching for a cure, and Out of the Darkness was born.
The book wasn't published until 2010, but it gave me my start as a published writer.The legend I followed in Out of the Darkness was a Hebrew legend about Adam's first wife, Lilith.
Hebrew legends say God created man and woman together and in the same fashion. The first female was Lilith. She saw herself as Adam’s equal, but Adam wanted a helpmate. Lilith refusedto be subservient and left Eden. That’s when God created Eve from Adam’s rib. Lilith later became a succubus, seducing mortal men while they slept.
According to vampire lore, after Cain killed his brother, Able, God cursed him to walk the earth in darkness for eternity. The myth also claimed God cursed him with an eternal craving for blood because he craved the blood of his brother. After Cain left Eden, Lilith went to Cain, gave him her blood, and awakened him to his immortal nature.
In the sequel to Out of the Darkness, Embrace the Darkness, Vincent's friend Gerard wants more than just the cure Vincent sought in the first book. He wants answers.

In the second book, I further explore  vampire myths and legends. And my favorite—and  the one I think best fits my series—dates back to Mesopotamia around 4000 B.C.
The ancient Sumerians ruled Mesopotamia. They built a dynasty; the first cities,  city and state religions, and civilization. But war, death and disease was rampant. Young men died in the prime of their life, suddenly and unexpectedly on the battlefield or from diseases caused by war and destruction. Legend claimed that by dying under such extreme circumstance, the spirits became conscious in the grave, their desire to live so strong they rose up from the grave.
In Embrace the Darkness, I explore this legend further and hope that it brings the myth of vampires into a more believable, fictional world.
I had a lot of fun writing these two books and hope to write at least two more in the series. I hope that you will check out either or both of my books and let me know what you think.
Leave a comment for me today, for a chance to win a digital copy of Out of the Darkness, the first book in my Darkness Series.
Lilly Gayle~http://lillygayle.com

Author of paranormal and historical romance:Helpless Hearts- a western historical romance: Can a former gunslinger find redemption through love? Available now on Amazon and B&N.Embrace the Darkness-a paranormal romance: To find their way into the light, they must first EMBRACE THE DARKNESS. Digital copy available now on Amazon. Available through other retailers in digital and print formats 6/21/2013.Back list available on Amazon.

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Published on April 19, 2013 04:36
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