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I have often heard people lamenting the fact that they are unable to escape the banalities of everyday life. While some of these malcontents are simply bored, and are searching for diversions, others have become outright disconsolate, worn down by the nine-to-five grind, mortgage payments, and all of the other shackles germane to adulthood. These poor souls are so mired in the tedium of routine that they fail to see the life preservers all around us.

So what is the answer?

Is there a cure for the frustration which stems from this inability to shed the constraints of conventional life in exchange for the opportunity to meet new people and to travel to different places? Is there a way for us to extricate ourselves, albeit a momentary respite, from the drudgery of the daily grind? There most certainly is.

Book your trip to paradise today!

Reading books provides the escape from life that all of us crave. When immersed in a good book, we are temporarily transported to regions and eras of which we can only dream. A “good” book is one which asks us for a commitment, a pledge of fidelity while we traverse the pages which lay before us.

Cursory reading is best left for the bathroom and dentist’s office.

These good books beckon us to engage with the characters we meet and embrace their varied circumstances. They require us to think differently and consider possibilities as we read, something which has become a lost art in the wake of this technological boom. And while this may require some effort on our part, it is well worth it. In exchange for our compliance, we are treated to the time of our life.

Why subject ourselves to the monotony of yet another syndicated re-run on television when we can join Captain Ahab on his quest for the elusive white whale? Why not travel down the mighty Mississippi on a makeshift raft with a boy named Huckleberry? Or perhaps you’d prefer to join a couple of American expatriates for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona or spend an evening with a shipwrecked explorer on the island of Lilliput? How about following the struggles and subsequent rise to stardom of a 17 year old autistic baseball player in the 1940’s?

What could possibly be more exciting?

Why do we squander endless amounts of time on the internet conversing with complete strangers and entertaining their inane “statuses” when our time would be better served engaging in a philosophical interlude with the Prince of Denmark? What about sitting down to tea to discuss the great expectations of a loveable orphan?

It’s all there for the taking the minute we say we want to be rescued!

Book stores, the few that remain, and libraries are the last bastions of creative, unfettered thought. They house the magic elixirs that possess the ability to awaken us from our collective stupor. How else would we ever even consider the resiliency of the human spirit without the inspiration provided by a fair haired boy marooned on a remote island – or the young mother who is ostracized by her New England town and viewed as a pariah after an adulterous affair with the man she loves? These characters will set your minds ablaze.

And for those of us who really crave invigoration, why not pay a visit to the jazz age? We’re all invited to a party given by a man they call Gatsby.

Let’s see cablevision or YouTube top that!

It has been said many times that variety is the spice of life. If this adage may be accepted as a truism, then books are condiments for the beleaguered soul. Grab Shakespeare, Dickens, or Fitzgerald by the hand and venture off into the unknown.

Bring your chair, and a healthy appetite for adventure, but leave the remote and T.V. listings on the end table.
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Published on March 16, 2013 14:28
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