My wife is a volunteer with an outreach mission to homeless people and the conversation often turns to some of the challenges that face people on the streets. In December, Environment Canada issued a wind chill warning advising that the temperatures could drop below minus 45.

The person speaking with my wife made the offhand comment that he hoped the police were stepping up patrols near the strip clubs because a lot of the girls on the street would probably hang around trying to pick up a guy who could offer them a warm bed.

That got me to thinking about what sort of girl would be that desperate and what sort of white knight would come to her rescue.

Cassandra finds herself married to her workaholic prince and tossed into the deep end of his dysfunctional family and high society life. Frank, who is a committed Christian, really does fall in love at first sight with his underage Cinderella with trust issues.

There are seeds of love on both sides and with careful nurturing, mutual respect and some false starts along the way, their relationship grows deeper, until Cassie finally trusts Frank enough to fully commit to him.

It's been interesting trying to imagine the challenges inherent in a marriage between a 31 year old successful businessman and a 17 year old young woman who is returning for her last year in high school.

There was one such couple that I knew, although not well, and they waited until after she graduated high school to marry. Very few people thought it was possible that they were actually in love with each other and there was some malicious gossip that she'd had a miscarriage shortly after they married. For the first ten years of their marriage they were seldom seen together in public because of it. The last I had news of them, they'd celebrated their twentieth anniversary and I hope that they will be able to celebrate number 38 this year.

I won't give a timeline for it to be completed but the writing is going well. There are 14 complete chapters and about 80,000 words of a planned 98,000 or so.

In the mean time, if you'd like to read some of my work, both Running Home and A Brother's Duty are free at Smashwords, the Nook Store, and other ebook retails.

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