On Conflict & Character Development

There is always a need for conflict in the story and the more the better. it makes for interesting reading and readers also relate to the story since life is full of conflicts. conflicts may be internal or external (from other ppl. or situations, for example)

One author stated that external conflicts related to the internal ones are best. it's also necessary to make the main character change somehow; grow; overcome his/her greatest fears, internal conflict; etc. The character shouldn't be the same at the end of the story as he/she was at the beginning.

You have to know your character very well to be able to write about them. The more info you have about their background and personality the better you'll be able to write about them. and you'll be able to make well-rounded characters instead of cardboard copies. It may take time for you to know your character well enough so give it time. Try spending some time with your character. Think of their background, past life (before the story), their childhood, likes and dislikes, what made them the way they are,etc. possibly write a brief biography before writing/publishing the story.

Sometimes your character will grow in your mind as you write the story. Sometimes, when you've put the story aside for some time, your mind continues to work on character development.
One of my story has been set aside for a year but my mind has been working on the main character's life and the story is changing accordingly and getting better,getting more sources for conflict as the character's background, culture develops.

Thus character development and backstory will help you not only make well-rounded characters but also give your story content and conflict. So don't overlook importance of character development.

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