Changing Direction

This past week has been filled with excitement and anticipation as I launched my debut novel "Last Train to Omaha" at Ottawa's Arts Court. I was so inspired by the surrounding themes of Canadian painter Carole Malcolm that I urge you to check out her paintings at

The event was a huge success and it filled me with much happiness as I embark on a new direction in life. It was very apropos to have launched the book exactly a year after my recovery from breast cancer surgery. Having cancer kick started my desire to stop schlepping through life and get back to writing stories and indulging in the creation of characters rich in integrity and spunk. So far, the feedback from this novel and its unique characters has been excellent.

I'm determined to carry this book through to its full potential and bring the characters to life once again when I write the screen play for Last Train to Omaha. I was inspired by Syd Fields's book "The Foundations of Screenwriting" (wicked source of information and advice!). It's an exciting time for me.

Thanks for reading. I'll be in touch. Ciao for now!
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Published on March 03, 2013 07:40
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