I should be writing!

Apparently, I should be writing. I was surfing facebook in an attempt to not write, when this image smacked me in the face.

You should be writing

You should be writing

I know.  I should be.  But guess what I’m not.  But now I have to, because it’s the Dr’s orders.

So I sat down to write.  I opened up a word document, started typing away, and the next thing I know I’m commenting on a facebook post.  DAMN YOU FACEBOOK.

So I’m scrolling down through a friend’s page, and what do I see?

The Avengers are telling me to write.

The Avengers are telling me to write.

Really avengers?  I’m already hearing it from The Doctor.  I don’t need it from you too.  Tony Stark, I’m looking at you man, get out of my shit.  Thor, quit nagging, I’ll get to it in a minute.

hulk_writingOh, geez, not you too, Hulk.  My childhood hero, resorting to nagging? It’s a sad day.

So, seeing all these you should be writing pictures gives me a good idea for a meme.  I like memes, they’re fun to say.  Say it out loud, right now.  I dare you.

Now tell me how you said it.  Did you say Meem?  muhmay?  Me-Me?  (I fall into the “meem” category.)


I needed a picture of a guy pointing, and the first thing that comes up is of course uncle sam.  And the first Uncle Sam picture is again trying to tell me something.

Fine.  Fine, fine.  I’ll go write, just after I check the news.  I happen across an article about Obama and Netanyahu meeting to discuss me.

Fine, Bibi.  Fine Barry.  I’m going to write.  Right now.


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Published on February 24, 2013 12:24
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