Thank you from the Down Deep of my heart to everyone who made this past year the wildest of my life. It has been an amazing ride. Ever since I was a young boy, wearing out paperbacks like there was no tomorrow, I’ve dreamed of being a writer. I never expected to be a decent one, or one who sold more than a handful of books, I just wanted to complete a novel. One book. And then I’d be able to die happy.

One book turned into ten. The hope of selling a handful turned into an appearance on national bestseller lists. The aspiration of reaching a reader or two has led to amazing friendships and thousands of acquaintances.

Thank you, each of you. I hope 2013 is as amazing for you as 2012 has been for me. Whatever you dream of, chase it. Even if you don’t catch it, you might give it a good scare.

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Published on January 01, 2013 15:56 • 313 views
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message 1: by Dick (new)

Dick Whittington We also owe you a big thank you for the excitement and joy you added to our 2012. Of course there was the excellent reading, but in addition was your willingness and special effort to make us all part of the excitement on a daily basis. That was the really neat part for me. And I wanted to be sure you realized how much I appreciated it. Long after the books were read, there were the glimpses of your everyday life that made it extra special and totally unique. Thanks, Hugh. And happy 2013.

message 2: by Sierra (new)

Sierra you deserve it all, Hugh. enjoy every moment! 2013 is going to be awesome. =)

Людовика Фьюртенде Happy New Year, dear Hugh! Thank you for your wonderful books and I'm waiting for more!!! Your are REALLY AWSOME! Now I have two favourite contemporaneous writers: you and Neal Shusterman.

Forgive my English, it's not even my second language.

message 4: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Howey Your English seems perfect to me!

Людовика Фьюртенде Hugh wrote: "Your English seems perfect to me!"
No! You want just be nice... But I read much in English, so, I hope, I will be better.

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