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Suicide is a topic that is difficult to discuss. Depression in teenagers is on the rise with the latest recent cases: in the US at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, Adam Lanza killed his mother a teacher at the school, dozens of teachers and students and then turned the gun on himself; and in BC, Canada where Amanda Todd ended her life after years of cyber bullying.

I had the opportunity to interview Ksenia Anske on her debut novel Siren Suicides which is set to be released very soon. As a social media expert, she used Twitter and Facebook to gain interest in her book and to also provide feedback from her followers. With over 15,000 Twitter followers, she has already done what most indie authors don't think about doing. She has built her tribe and reached out to them. Her followers feel they contributed to the book by providing feedback and support. When her book launches it will guarantee her interested readership and sales which will help her further her writing career.

More importantly, her personal experience overcoming depression and suicidal urges as a teenager and as an adult is a message that will be shared with teens and adults alike.

Here is a quote from the Digital Journal interview:

Digital Journal: What inspired you to write the book?

Ksenia Anske: Writing my book was, in fact, part self-therapy, part an attempt to reach out to teenagers and hold their hand, hopefully stopping them from taking their life. And, even though my book is not published yet, I have managed to help one teenager talk about wanting to end his life – and I felt like my life was accomplished at that moment.

To read the whole article, please click here.
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