Last week, the very talented fantasy author, Rowena Cory Daniells,
tagged me for "The Next Big Thing", where 5 writers tag 5 others with
5 or so questions, and so on forever all over the planet & cyberspace
until we’ve all been bagged-n-tagged and get to go around again in a few
decades. So today it’s my turn to bag-n-tag a new batch of shy recruits.

We all know how timid writers can be, and this time of year makes it all
the more challenging. Moreso, if you’re stung by an urge to do it
as a festive poem, as I was, but here goes;

Interrogation of a sly shy banshee

Sooooo… What’s your Next Big Thing?
… while we’re all wallowing, dieting, caroling
on a prayer and a wing, and we struggle to string
more than two words we can sing without seeming… unhinged?

Answer: Beats me, [blush] I’m winging it.

But how do you cope with it? … get through it? Or even think of it?
Each little bit, as we struggle to sit and get ideas to fit
On a page that just WON'T submit, and when others all quit
How come you don’t split & simply admit that you’re just like us… a misfit?

Answer: Beats me, [blush] I’m just having fun with it.

Can’t you give us a hint? Or simply admit…
will your next big thing hinge on your last big thing?
Are they linked in a series, in a straight line or ring?
Will there be killing? … More shootings, knifings and glassings?
More stalking, more hawking, more hot sex and… voyeur-ing?

Answer: [blush] … what do you think?

Now don’t suffer stage fright, and don’t be im-polite.
You can’t be contrite when it’s clear you’re forthright.
Please accept this invite, and provide an insight…
Do you write late at night, or maybe rise at first light?
Oh, please speak of your plight – of that one writer’s blight -
it turns ALL authors white; it’s where to find time to write… and re-write?

Answer: [blush] By staying out of the limelight.

Phew, finally! I think we’re cracking this key!
Break out the Chablis and let’s all shout yippee!
An insight from Ms B; she answered verbally!

Answer: [Smack!... Smiling cheekily]
Oh, my dear sweet emcee, need some ice for that cheek?

Crikey! … apologies… had no idea you could be so…


Ah… [gulp]… how about gutsy?

Please don’t pander the banshee.
I keep her caged for my writing.
… Let’s just settle on "esprit".

Fine, and we’ll start again, shall we?
Ahem… [clearing throat and shifting awkwardly]
Time to scratch my goatee, and re-start as emcee…
‘Dear author this week… what’s your Next Big Thing?’

[Smiling shyly]
Let’s not go there, shall we?

But it's the whole point, apparently.

[Nodding knowingly]
I can see through that plea. It's called subtext, in Text World Theory.

Ahem. You've lost me.

It's really quite easy:
You didn’t come to sight-see a performing monkey.
I’m not a trustee, a draftee, adoptee or Queen Bee.
Like you, I’m a trainee, still racing the Grand Prix.
So set up your marquee, pitch your tent by my tree,
Chill a glass for your Chablis, and spit shine your degree
But don’t ask me to fore-see how to access the party.
It’s not for invitees, wanna-bes, addressees or even cat copies.
It’s for devotees, and WILL-bes, and fans who rise from the debris.
It’s for those who look leeringly, with love and lust at a dictionary.
It’s for the crazy, the nutty, and the whole damn fruit tree.
So don’t ask me indirectly about your OWN next big thing.
Just sit down and write it, and ride the wild ride beside me.

Psst… my next big thing? It’s really top secret.

Next Big Thingers THIS WEEK:
Aside from me, there's -
Rowena's Cover 4 Sanctuary Glenda's Cover [image error] Gail's Cover

And Bagged-n-Tagged by me so far for NEXT WEEK:
Valerie's Cover Tina's Cover Valerie's cover Andrew's Coverdescription Andrew's Coverdescription

Valerie Parv : Goddess of Aussie Romance
Tina Marie Clark: Queen of Childrens Lit Fests
Valerie Stewart Lewis: Temptress of Celtic Fables
Andrew Warrilow : Wizard of Familiars
Andrew Drage aka Brewin: Master of Madness


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message 1: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Lewis I love it. I wish I had a mind like that *grin*

message 2: by A.C. (last edited Dec 15, 2012 02:52AM) (new)

A.C. Warrilow Thank you Anita, it's always encouraging when an authentic author gives me the thumbs up on such things.
Now to find my five writers!
I'm off to scour the hard to reach places of the net, and I don't even have any rubber gloves!

message 3: by A.A. (new)

A.A. Bell Valerie wrote: "I love it. I wish I had a mind like that *grin*"

Hi Valerie!

I've learned that signing your name in all of your blog replies (with a link to your website underneath) helps to drive up your google ratings and make it easier to find you, like this;

Anita Bell,

p.s... 1 to 5 links is acceptable these days coz it gives us a choice, and in your case a REAL TREAT... coz let's face it, your other hobby and its high level of success is pretty unique for a writer ;)

message 4: by A.A. (last edited Dec 14, 2012 02:24PM) (new)

A.A. Bell Andrew wrote: "Thank you Anita, it's always encouraging when an authentic author gives me the thumbs up on such things..."

Hi Andrew(s)! Great to hear from you...
Just beware; I've tagged TWO amazing male writers, and you're BOTH new rocketstars to publishing, and both called Andrew, but from your first reply above it's impossible to tell you apart.

HANDY HINT 4 NEW BESTSELLERS: Step out of the shadows with bolder iconic bio pics - using your book cover instead of an author pic helps to make it even more recognisable - and don't forget to include at LEAST ONE link to your other sites when you sign your comment, as per my reply to Valerie, above.

Shine brightly, and show us exactly how unique you are with each and every reply.

who's proud to know both of you B4 you became kings of your own niches.

message 5: by Valerie (last edited Dec 14, 2012 06:50PM) (new)

Valerie Lewis Thank you for your hint Anita. I do have my siggy with my emails but didn't think of other places. will try and remember in other places from now on.

Valerie Lewis

message 6: by A.C. (last edited Dec 15, 2012 02:52AM) (new)

A.C. Warrilow Oh, thanks Anita. My rocketship is going so fast I forget to link where my books are and my Facebook pages.

Thanks again,

AC Warrilow

message 7: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Lewis I've done it, I think. LOL.

Valerie Lewis

message 8: by A.A. (new)

A.A. Bell LOL! You sure did!
But then stars always pick it up quickly.


message 10: by Rowena (new)

Rowena Daniells Well done, Anita!

message 11: by Brewin (new)

Brewin Brewin Many thanks for inviting me aboard Anita! And hi to everybody here too!

I'd be the other Andrew that Anita mentioned above... though I write under the name of Brewin (with or without the apostrophe) just to be confusing ;)

My rocketship uses highly experimental fuel that sometimes achieves the seemingly impossible, but other times can cause misfires... Still I've been winning a few awards lately (I really should enter more competitions haha) so at least "Starship Brewin" has potential ;)


message 12: by A.A. (new)

A.A. Bell If you liked this blog, you'll love the animated version over here:


message 13: by Brewin (new)

Brewin Brewin Love it Anita! I was planning to get my post done tonight, but it now looks like it'll be Sunday night or Monday with my five tagged people to follow the week or so after :)

message 14: by A.A. (last edited Dec 22, 2012 02:53PM) (new)

A.A. Bell That'll be great Andrew! What a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve... writing about all your amazing successes for the year! Hugs.

message 15: by Brewin (new)

Brewin Brewin Well I was a little late... but here's my post:

Merry Christmas and Hsppy New Year All!

message 16: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Tyrrell Love this post. Great way to start off the new year. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I also noticed your advice above about signing off. So I'm going to try it out below. All the best.

message 17: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Bray What a clever blog! And it brings a possible book idea to that I could never write. I'll email it to you.



message 18: by Michael (new)

Michael Eidson Hi, Anita, and thanks for the visit to my blogs. I've come to return the favor, and am now following you here. I'm still working on my debut novel, so I don't have a book link. I do have some short stories in an anthology published by Peryton Publishing, so I'll include the Amazon link to that book along with my other links. I'll be seeing you around! Cheers.

Troll Tunnels anthology:

My links:
Writing Blog:
Music Blog:
Facebook fan page:

message 19: by A.A. (new)

A.A. Bell WOw Thanks Michael! Those Troll tunnels look really intriguing!

Big waves to Patricia & JM too!

It's a handy tip to sign all your blog comments with your weblinks because it helps drive up your scores in google searches as well. Hugs.

p.s. for JM!... You've really got me thinking now! LOL

AA Bell

message 20: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Sharp Hi Anita: here's my most recent blog post; http://margaretlynettesharp.wordpress...

message 21: by A.A. (new)

A.A. Bell Great! Thanx Margaret! :)

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