So, The Duchess War is uploaded everywhere. Most vendors are still ruminating on the file, trying to figure out what they want to do with it. As soon as I have links (and as soon as I can check–I need to run out to dinner with my husband tonight because it’s our wedding anniversary, and strangely, he’s put up with my ignoring him all day–and last year I did the SAME THING with Unraveled) I will put them up here.

For now, you can get it at:

All Romance eBooks:


(More links to come)

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the book!

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Published on December 07, 2012 15:42 • 672 views
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message 1: by Nakeesha (new)

Nakeesha Its live on amazon too!

message 2: by Chryssa (new)

Chryssa MINE already! thank you!!!! ;o)
nothing better than a long-awaited book on this cold day!!

message 3: by Stevie (new)

Stevie Kisner Of course we'll enjoy it... you wrote it! It's finally live for my Nook, so it's my birthday present to myself. I'm slagging off today and reading your beautiful words. *turning head to ignore mountain of laundry in the corner*

message 4: by Jackie (last edited Dec 08, 2012 11:10PM) (new)

Jackie Happy anniversary! A good way to celebrate, by publishing your next novel.

Will it be available in print, too?

message 5: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Milan Yes, Jackie, it will. Print takes a teeny little bit longer because I have to separately proof the formatting, and the QA stuff on the part of the print-on-demand printer takes longer, but it should only be a few more days before it's available.

message 6: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Great! I finally made the plunge into ebooks, but still far prefer a hard copy, especially for books by "keeper" authors such as yourself. I look forward to holding a copy in my hands soon.

message 7: by Keri (new)

Keri Happy Anniversy! Loved it BTW!

message 8: by Jena (new)

Jena got it at B&N!!! **running man happy dance**

message 9: by Chelle (new)

Chelle Courtney,

TDW was awesome.:)

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