Prague Post Thrills To THE NEWS CLOWN!

The Prague Post book blog on Thor’s THE NEWS CLOWN:

The NEWS CLOWN cover.

“A rollicking novel from Prague-based author Thor Garcia, The News Clown follows a cagey writer as he moves from an earnest hope for his future to hack-work with a news agency. “The plan was simple, basic, a no-brainer. I figured, first, to explode ‘journalism’ at its core, pocketing at least one Pulitzer by the age of 30. I’d rock the city at dawn, I’d crack the dirty, filthy, louse-ridden bitch wide open,” filthy, louse-ridden bitch wide open,” Garcia writes. It’s hard to imagine writing that is more energetic.”

Thor Garcia

The News Clown A Novel by Thor Garcia by Thor Garcia
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Published on July 18, 2012 19:57
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Thor Garcia
Reporting on the news with Thor Garcia, journalist and author of THE NEWS CLOWN, ONLY FOOLS DIE OF HEARTBREAK, and TUND.
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