Awakened Gods (Lunangelique, #3) by Kristin R. Campbell

"I believe you will be a great lieutenant to my cause too.”

“And what cause is that, sir?” I ask.

He looks away from our observers and stares me in the eye with a serious and dark expression. “To make the mortals bow down to me once again.” I should not be surprised anymore by what comes out of Zeus’ mouth. And I’m not, but the thundering that crackles throughout the small village does surprise me.
I jump as lightning strikes down on one of the small houses in the square, instantly setting it ablaze. I look up at the sky that was a beautiful Mediterranean blue when we first appeared here. Now the sky is darkening, you can see the clouds forming too fast to be natural over the small village. Another strike of lightening hits a house across the square from the first strike and that sets ablaze too.

Everywhere, people are running around the square. Some men are getting hoses to put out the fires, vendors are quickly packing up their goods, and women and children are running for shelter. I would be running with them too if I didn’t know it was Zeus causing the chaos.
Out of the corner of my eye there is a flash of blue and I look over to see a whip uncoiling from Zeus’ right arm. He whips it through the air and as it hits a fountain in the middle of the square lightning shoots down from the sky and strikes the exact spot Zeus’ whip had. Now the frantic people who had seconds ago been fleeing the square are frozen in fear as they look upon Zeus once more.
Zeus looks around the crowd, meeting each person’s eye before moving onto the next scared individual. A baby wails in the background, almost drowned out by the noise of the thunder overhead.

In Greek, Zeus addressed the shocked crowd, “The gods have awoken. For centuries we were cursed to a never-ending sleep; only able to witness the changes in the world through the subconscious of others. I am maddened that we were forgotten!” he shouts. The look on his face becomes murderous. “You will believe in the powers of the gods. Have you not seen the chaos of the world lately? That is us!” he seethes. “You,” he points his finger at the individuals in the square, “were the first race and you have betrayed me!”
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