So, like most of you over the past few days, I’ve been watching the terror that was Sandy rip through the northeast. The images coming out from the region are astounding.

In past tragedies, I’ve donated some money to the Red Cross, but I’ve always felt like it was inadequate.

“Hey, you lost your home? Man, that stinks. Here’s fifty bucks. I gotta hop in my car now, get a cup of coffee and go off to work. What’s that? Your car and job are gone? Ooohh…”

This time, I’d like to do something more.

So, fellow authors. I’d like to put together an anthology of donated short stories, sell them via eBook, and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross for relief efforts. Granted, this will take time to put together, but I'll bet you people will still be struggling with things a couple months from now.

I’m reaching out to the few folks I’ve come into contact with in the past few years, but would love to hear from anyone interested. Share this post.

The theme of the anthology is simple: triumph over tragedy. Fantasy (traditional or urban), sci-fi, mystery, pulp, romance, action…I don’t much care. The more variety, the better. I would love for this to appeal to a wide fan base to get as much money as possible for the victims of Sandy.

If interested in donating a story, 3-5k words in length (after all, we want to get this together quickly), contact me at Or send me a message via Twitter @AuthorRTKaelin

Good days ahead.


If you wish to buy/contribute, visit the anthology's site at

We're up to 31 authors saying they're in for sure. 4 more are tentative. The 31for sure are listed here:

• Robert Silverberg
• Michael J. Sullivan
• Bradley Beaulieu
• Rick Novy
• Phillip Athans
• Stephen Sullivan
• Jean Rabe
• Maxwell Alexander Drake
• Erik Scott de Bie
• Alex Bledsoe
• Matthew Wayne Selznick
• R.T. Kaelin
• Ari Marmell
• Jaym Gates
• C.S. Marks
• C.J. Henderson
• Marian Allen
• Bryan Young
• Donald Bingle
• Janine Spendlove
• T.L. Gray
• Miya Kressin
• Steven Saus
• Addie King
• Rob Knipe
• Vicki Johnson-Steger
• Tracy Chowdhury
• Doris Stever
• Gregory Wilson

The more, the merrier, though. Spread the word.

We have 4 volunteer editors now, too. And perhaps an illustrator.

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Published on October 30, 2012 19:51 • 2,243 views • Tags: anthology, charity, hurricane-sandy
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message 1: by Philip (new)

Philip Athans I'm in. DM me through Twitter if you don't have my email address.

message 2: by N.R. (new)

N.R. Williams Hi R. T.
Would you consider flash fiction? I have a story that just won an online award that is a little less then 1,000 words. I'm working on several stories that are longer but you want something already published. If my blog counts. You can read the story on my blog. Just click on the icon at the top right that says 'Feature Writer' House of Horrors. This is not true horror, it was for Halloween but doesn't have traditional Halloween flair.

message 3: by Diane (new)

Diane Kistner This is a great idea, Ryan. FutureCycle Press is doing something similar already with an anthology of poetry honoring Malala Yousafzai, with proceeds donated to her cause, although we're going to do a paperback edition as well and we won't be able to get it out for a while.

Get Scrivener if you haven't already.

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