LauraPepperWuIn today's guest post, Laura Pepper Wu discusses 13 ways to generate publicity and find new customers. These tips are excerpted from her book, 77 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Self-Published Book.  

1. Guest post on other non-writing/ author sites. Try lifestyle blogs, specific interest bloggers and other sites that your ideal readers may well spend time on.

2. Blog, blog, blog. Stick to a few topics that somehow relate to your book or book’s target audience and create content regularly and consistently that will engage and interest these potential readers.

3. Change your Amazon pen name (e.g. Laura Pepper becomes “Wedding-book Author Laura Pepper” or “Wedding expert”) and write reviews on similar books. Browsers on Amazon may well click through to your book. Learn abouto Amazon pen names here.

4. Participate in a GoodReads giveaway (Paperback only). Even those who don’t win will be exposed to your book and may buy it anyway.

5. Try a LibraryThing giveaway (eBooks and paperback).

6. Create lists on Amazon that feature your book – and tie you to other books in your genre/ field. These include Listmania and So You’d Like to… listings.

7. Post your blog posts on You can get a ton of traffic from sites such as Reddit, but be sure that your post is posted in the right group (or ‘subreddit’) and is not overly promotional otherwise you’ll get a very negative reaction from the community. Users tend to be, ahem, opinionated!

8. Submit a blogpost to

9. Start a YouTube channel – if you’re a-okay with being on camera, consider talking about something in your niche online. YouTube has a huge number of browsers just waiting to be entertained. Speaking on camera is a great way to connect with new readers. (Find my YouTube channel here – please subscribe if you’d like to see more interviews!)

10. If you have a non-fiction book, publish your full table of contents on your website, and make it as key-word rich as possible! When people are searching for the answer to a problem or a solution, your book will rank higher in search engines.

11. Which reminds me, be sure to implement some form of SEO to your blog or author website. If you can’t afford a professional SEO consultant to do a few hours of work optimizing your site, learn the basics yourself. There are tons of eBooks on this, including free ones. Be sure to add a plugin to your WordPress website such as All-in-One-SEO and learn how to use it. It will improve the ranking of your site in Google’s search results significantly!

12. Are you a children’s author based in the United States? Check out America Writes for Kids! and ask to be included in their list of authors.

13. Upload your posts, articles and first chapters to open-submission platforms - sites that describe themselves as reader-writer communities and allow users to publish and discover writings. They tend to get a ton of traffic each day, and are therefore a great way to “grow your platform” and drive more traffic to your blog. There are several out there, but include Scribd, DocStoc, Wattpad and Open Salon.

About the Author

77Ways3DbLaura Pepper Wu is the co-founder of 30 Day Books: a book studio, and the author of 77 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Self-Published Book.  

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