From the Ashes and Snow series by Gregory Colbert

From Eating Stone: Imagination and the Loss of the Wild by Ellen Meloy (1946-2004):

"Homo sapiens have left themselves few places and scant ways to witness other species in their own worlds, an estrangement that leaves us hungry and lonely. In this famished state, it is no wonder that when we do finally encounter wild animals, we are quite surprised by the sheer truth of them."

From the Ashes and Snow series by Gegory Colbert

From the Ashes and Snow series by Gregory Colbert

"Each time I look into the eye of an animal...I find myself staring into a mirror of my own imagination.  What I see there is deeply, crazily, unmercifully confused.

"There is in that animal eye something both alien and familiar. There is in me, as in all human beings, a glimpse of the interior, from which everything about our minds has come.

"The crossing holds all the power and purity of first wonder, before habit and reason dilute it. The glimpse is fleeting. Quickly, I am left in darkness again, with no idea whatsoever how to go back."

From the Ashes and Snow series by Gregory Colbert

The photographs above are from the remarkable Ashes and Snow series by wildlife photographer Gregory Colbert.

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