"Freda the Little Plump Fairy" by Anna Karina Birkenstock focuses on teaching children many positive lessons, not the least of which is the importance of finding and developing their own special talents.

Freda is a fairy who lives on a farm. One day there is an unexpected problem and she is compelled to save the farm. It is an overwhelming task but with a little help from her friends it is amazing what Freda can accomplish.

In my interview with author/illustrator Anna Karina Birkenstock, for my Examiner column,she shared insights about this confidence inspiring book, as well as what went into writing and illustrating it. This is part two of the interview.

Q: How did you get the idea for “Freda the Little Plump Fairy”?

A: As a child I often lacked self-confidence myself. I often thought about what others expected of me. That inhibited me from finding out, what my strengths and talents were.
I actually have a good friend who inspired the Freda character; she is very capable and cheerful, and very good and passionate at cooking.

Q: Is there another genre you would like to explore but haven’t yet?

A: People told me they were inspired by “Freda” and that gave me the idea to explore young adult or adult fiction. However I think my talent lies more in the field of illustration.
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