We don’t watch tons of TV at my house during the summer.  Part of that’s because we try to get out as much as we can when the weather is actually nice…it sometimes feels like we don’t get tons of sun here in Washington (maybe two months worth to go with our fourteen months of rain), so it’s important to enjoy the outdoors while we can.

But as Fall rolls around and the weather turns to the familiar morass of rain, grey sky and mud, Lib and I start to get caught up on our shows.

Here’s what we’ve been watching recently:



Eureka used to be Lib’s show, but it’s grown on me tremendously.  The story of a secret and remote town filled with scientists whose experiments always seem to go awry in new and unusual ways, this light comedy/sci-fi follows the adventures of the very non-scientific Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) as he tries his best to minimize the damage done by the geniuses of the community.  While the show is capable of achieving some fairly resonant emotional and dramatic depth, more often than not Eureka is just plain funny and inventive.  We’re now working our way through the 5th and final season, and we’re already sad that it’s all coming to an end.


Falling Skies

On the opposite end of the happiness spectrum is Falling Skies, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/drama about a band of human survivors making their last stand against Earth’s enumerate alien invaders.  The creative team does a nice job with keeping Falling Skies unpredictable, exciting, and involving.  It’s also a relentlessly grim and gritty show, and I usually end up crying at least once per episode.  Most of the story is told through the eyes of Tom Mason (Noah Whyle), a former history professor whose sons are among the survivors and who often finds himself at odds with the military commander (Will Patton) of the 2nd Mass.  This show can be hard to watch at times, but it’s all but impossible to ignore.



Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) solve crimes, and they’ve finally hooked up romantically just in time for Season 5, lending another nice twist on a show that, in spite of being fairly formulaic, is always terrifically enjoyable.  So even though Lib and I are often a step or two ahead of the script, Castle, Beckett and company have great chemistry, and the show has such a wonderful sense of humor about both itself and its own pop culture sensibilities that it’s hard not to smile whenever you watch it.


Person of Interest

This is one seriously cool show. Finch (Michael Emerson) has constructed a machine that predicts violent crimes…or at least it can point him towards an individual who will somehow be involved in said crime.  Reese (Jim Caviezel) is a former government agent who uses that information to intervene and save lives.  Part action, part sci-fi, part detective story, Person of Interest is a nicely constructed, well acted and never dull show that always manages to surprise even a jaded watcher such as myself.  If this one has somehow flown under your radar, you need to check it out, because it just gets better as it goes along.



Lib and I finally managed to finish up the final Star Trek series, the prequel to it all.  The verdict?  It was damn good.  Like any Star Trek show, some episodes were much better than others, and while we weren’t particularly fond of the somewhat abrupt series finale, overall we found the series highly enjoyable.  For a while (especially during the Xindi invasion chronicled in Season 3) it was hard for us to go more than a night or two without checking in with Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) and his crew as they raced to save earth from annihilation!  Great, old school, somewhat cheesy fun.


Modern Family

Modern Family is a funny, topical, efficient situation comedy about the extended Pritchett family and their various misadventures with everyday life.  There are three separate story lines to every episode, which is nice because at least two of the three will be consistently hilarious.  And while certain characters (Cameron, Phil, Claire) sometimes become tiresome for me, the show overall is engaging, moving, and just a heck of a lot of fun.



The Walking Dead

Legions of fans worship the ground this show thinks about walking on; others revile it with such vitriol it sometimes becomes a frightening proposition to even bring it up.  Me?  I love it, inconsistencies and all.  I know that in the coming season Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company will make some horrendously bone-headed decisions, fail to communicate with one another, kill a lot of zombies, and basically wind up more screwed than they ever thought humanly possible.  But hey, after 2 seasons I have no illusions about what the show will bring, and I’m looking forward to every second of it!



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