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I was guest host for an Erotica Readers and Writers Association webchat last Saturday, and we managed to break all their records for the sheer length of time we rabbited on. Subjects ranged from fantasy heroes to Aisling's parrots to a super sekret glimpse of my next project... and you can find the transcript here if you're interested.

I'm going to be the ERWA Guest Author of the month in NOVEMBER! Wheeeee! That means three of my favourite short stories will go up for you to read in their entirety.  You can find the current featured author (it's the mighty Craig Sorensen for September) here.

Two more rave reviews for
The first is from Vanessa Wu, who starts off with
"I was a little intimidated by this book to tell you the truth"

and concludes
"The warning on the cover is for once entirely justified"
but, fortunately for me, manages to be humorous and enthusiastic in between!
 Full review here

And the second is over at BDSM Book Reviews, which describes it as
"the most amazing book that has graced my e-book reader in a long time" 
and gives it 5/5 for both story and kink, but also warns BDSM fans(!!)
"if you like a sweet and pleasant BDSM read with nothing shocking in it, you might give this one a miss"
... which just cracked me up.
I may shock BDSM fans? Cool!

Thank you Vanessa and Janny![image error]
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