Again, I retained digital rights (digital only…stores will be able to order the print books) for STOLEN in the UK.  This time I was ahead of the game and I knew this was coming so I’ve been working on getting STOLEN formatted, cover done, etc, etc… I still need to get the blurb done, but I plan on having it ready for people the same day it releases here in the states… and look!




There was an ache in her chest—a dull one that had nothing to do with her still recovering body. Yeah, she knew Lorna hadn’t come to grips with the fact that her friend and her brother weren’t together anymore.

Shay still hadn’t come to grips with it.

She still thought about him all the time.

He’d been the first person she wanted to see when she woke up in the hospital. And she had almost called him, too. But he had told her he was done.

So she hadn’t called. Maybe he was done, but she wasn’t. She missed him, thought about him all the time.

She still dreamed about him.

She still wished she’d be working and hear the phone ring and just know it was him.

Not that many other people ever really called her.

There’d been a number of business-related calls, but those didn’t really count. Lorna. Shay’s assistant, Darcy, but that was about it. Hell, the only phone calls she really looked forward to anymore were Lorna’s. Guilt tugged at her, because there had been a time when she’d loved talking to Darcy, but lately…

Hell, you ought to be thankful you’ve got Darcy to talk to. Darcy and Lorna, both? You should dance. That’s two friends.

Yet neither of them did anything to ease the loneliness that had been a part of her life for as long as she could remember. Only Elliot had done that. But she hadn’t been able to keep him…

You won’t share any damn thing with me, Shay…how long are we supposed to keep this up?

He’d asked her that, and she hadn’t been able to answer.

Are you ever going to let me in?

That, she could have answered. The answer had been no. But she hadn’t wanted to hurt him, so she kept the answer trapped behind her teeth. He’d seen it anyway, in her eyes, in the way she watched him.

I guess that’s it, then.

They were over…just like that.

He hadn’t been unkind and he hadn’t tried to force anything out of her. But it was over just the same and her heart had been an aching, empty mess ever since. She missed him so much. There were times when she wanted to talk to him, wanted to see him so bad…

A shiver danced along her spine and she looked up, turned her head. Even before she saw him standing at the end of the aisle, staring at her, she knew.

Coming out the end of October…


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