Listening to:  Mimi Page, Breathe Me In (see below)

Eating and/or Drinking: A delicious fruit smoothie

Reading: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy.

Watching: Since as I’m writing this it’s nearly 4am Tuesday morning, I’m not really watching anything, though I have been watching the first season of Being Human (UK) and enjoying it quite a bit.

Wearing: A Ganesh tank top and polka dot undies.

Writing: Chapter 1 of book 5 (which right now has the working title Miranda Grey and the Goblet of Shadows)

Thinking: I’ve been having trouble getting book 5 started, and I think it’s because whenever I try to exert my will over a story, if I try to push it in a direction *I* want it to go without at least trying to understand where *it* wants to go, I end up hating what I’ve written.  If I let the characters and the story lead me, and just tell their stories, we all get along much better.

Feeling: Still a bit wobbly, and no little stressed out, but I’m getting there.

Enjoying:  The edge-of-Fall feeling.  Not so much the ragweed.

Grateful for:  The way that things seem like they can’t possibly work out and  then…they do.  But only if you do your part and then get out of the way!

And, the weather:  Oh, much better.  The last couple of days have been so nice.  I’ve even been able to go outside and take walks.


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