I'm contemplating beginning a third novel, but feeling a little daunted by the task of starting with a blank page again. It's often said that everyone has one book in them, and for those who have written a book, and had it published, you will know that there are many people who will tell you that they were always going to write a book. The problem is they never do. The reason? It isn't easy to begin, and if you don't begin you never end. In between those two points is a lot of work, harder than many who haven't done it realise. After labouring over my second novel for about eighteen months I was being asked when the next one would be out only days after its release. But at least the feed back was very encouraging.
I must admit that I have been putting off beginning another book after the work involved in the last one. I'm sure many people who write will tell you that they do it just for the fun of writing, and there is an element of that for me, but if we were totally honest we all want people to read, and like, what we have written. The truth is, I'm having to overcome something that many of us face and perhaps don't want to admit exists, and that is disappointment. It is difficult to not judge the quality of your writing by the success, or otherwise, of the book sales. It is a fact that there is a wealth of good writing that goes unnoticed and a large element of chance attached to success, regardless of what some might say.
I suppose it is time to write again, hope for a successful future, but not give up the day job...yet.
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Published on September 06, 2012 14:01 • 129 views

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