Pretty much everyone has heard the saying “variety is the spice of life.”

And I think most folks are aware that romance is the bestselling genre fiction, making up mumblemumble of the market (because I’m too lazy at the moment to look up actual stats, but let’s just say it’s a big portion).

You know what? I know why. Because romance is variety.

Think about it. You have contemporary romance. Sweet romance. Erotic romance. Paranormal romance. Romantic suspense. Inspirational romance. And all those books that may not fall within the definition of genre romance but are still either love stories at their heart or include powerful love stories.

After all, what kind of story is more enduring than a love story?

I’m a person who likes variety. Ask me what my favorite color is, and I don’t have one. I don’t even really have a favorite movie (having outgrown my standard Star Wars response because, while I do love it, there are so many other brilliant films out there). I don’t even have a favorite book or a favorite author. I read pretty much anything anyone puts in my hands. And for that reason romance is very satisfying to write.

In my career as an author, I’ve written contemporary romance, historical romance (okay, two novellas and one was a time travel, but still), light paranormal romance, erotic romance, dark paranormal romance and romantic suspense. I’ve also written chicklit, urban fantasy, and what I like to call paranormal mommylit, all of which contain romantic elements.

At this actual moment in time, I have several dark paranormal romantic suspense novels on the shelf (the Shadow Keepers series I write as J.K. Beck, I’m a few months away from the debut of an erotic romance, RELEASE ME, that I’m writing as J. Kenner, and I have recently re-released my very first single title romance as an ebook, THE CAT’S FANCY, which is very light paranormal in the vein of Splash or The Little Mermaid.

But that’s the fun or romance. There’s something for everyone!

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