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So I love the...
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Published on August 24, 2012 11:37 • 817 views
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YourFriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey I voted for Julian... but then I went back and changed it. I'm sorry, but Haymitch is just so awesome.

Don't_Trot_and_Text Julian, Julian, Julian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 3: by Cat (new)

Cat Um? None. . . sorry!

TheOneAndOnlySam ummm, Haymitch all the way. sorry lauren, but i really don't like julian that much. :P

message 5: by LauRena (new)

LauRena HAYMITCH!!!!

message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara But it's like apples and oranges... I don't see how the two can possibly compared! They're such wildly different characters.

YourFriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey Just pick the one you think is more awesome. I chose Julian first cuz I love him, but then I thought about it and realized Haymitch is just more awesome than Julian, so I went back and changed my vote.

message 8: by Bianca (new)

Bianca Haymitch!!!! I was not really a Julian fan anyways....

message 9: by Ava (new)

Ava Dobson Okay I love both, but I have to say HAYMITCH! :)

message 10: by Imani (new)

Imani first, how can u even COMPARE these!? they're like two VERY different characters!! -___- obviously Haymitch is more amazing cuz he survived the Hunger Games and was an awesome and eccentric coach. and Julian is like...hunky and..and just AND! but if i haad to vote, i'm sorry...it's gotta b Haymitch.. i mean he basically taught Katniss and Peeta to SURVIVE

message 11: by Shana (new)

Shana Haymitch! I really don't like Julian...

message 12: by WrapNik75 (new)

WrapNik75 Ugh...I LOVE Julian...but I gotta go Haymitch...love me anyway Lauren? *bat eyelashes hopefully*

YourFriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey I think everyone here voted for Haymitch.

message 14: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Haymitch

message 15: by Loonie (new)

Loonie Haymitch, but I haven't read the third book of Delirium yet, so I don't know if that will change. It's unfair to vote, they're too different and I haven't read everything about Julian yet.

message 16: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Haymich, no doubt.

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