Don’t you just love it when you receive something from
Playboy in the mail?  No matter what,
such a package will always bring a smile to one’s face.  In this case, given that I had an amazing
time last night with a fun sadistic lady, it only made my smile bigger (am I
the only one that smiles after a night with a fun sadistic lady?  Hmm.). 
Of course, some may be confused when looking at what it was that did
arrive in the mail for it seems many people associate Playboy with a different
form of entertainment than horror. 
Horror is what I seek from them, however, horror that they published
many, many years ago.  In fact, even I
was surprised by the first release date printed on the inside cover of this
book.  Originally, I figured this was
from the ‘Golden Age of Horror’ time period, one which saw many different
outlets for horror publication forming as everyone tried to cash in on the newly
popular genre.  This anthology, however,
dates from long before the period I was thinking.  1967 is the date listed for the first
hardcover printing.  Honestly, I didn’t
even realize Playboy had been publishing horror titles that far back.  Publishing them they were, though, and, if
the table of contents is any indicator, they were doing a fine job of selecting
authors for such projects.  So, there we
have it.  Contained within are twenty-eight
tales of terror, some of which were penned by authors like Ray Bradbury,
Richard Matheson, William F. Nolan, and Robert Bloch; twenty-eight tales of
terror that I can’t wait to read and thus am going to quit typing so I can go
sit down with the new arrival.                    
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