On Dublin Street

Both Braden and Jocelyn have money in their own right. Braden's comfortable with his because he inherited and expanded upon his father's businesses and works hard to earn it. Jocelyn inherited her money and isn't so comfortable with it. Moving to Dublin Street is the first time she's used it for something she doesn't deem 'necessary'. Braden's used to living in style... and so his apartment is kind of swanky. I've based his apartment on a real duplex penthouse in Edinburgh that has a three hundred and sixty degree view of the city. Here's a pic of the sitting room and balcony...


I love the balcony, it's amazing! The rest of it is a little cold for my own taste but still... you have to admit it's really swish!

Jocelyn is a pretty guarded heroine, but there's one place she lets her guard down whenever she needs time to just sit and think... and that's with Mons Meg. Mons Meg is one of the oldest cannons in the world and it's situated inside the grounds of Edinburgh Castle. The view from Mons Meg is wonderful, and there's just something peaceful about it. I can understand why it's one of Joss' favourite places to go...


 It also makes sense that Joss would want to spend her downtime with a cannon... she's 

pretty tough too.

Christmas in Edinburgh is a magical thing. At Christmas, Joss and Ellie visit the German market and walk along Princes Street to the fair at night...


This is a picture of Princes Street Gardens at Christmas. There's the ice rink, and all the lights across the trees, and up on Princes Street just along from the Scott Monument is the ferris wheel and small fairground. The German market isn't pictured... the market sets up camp further along west Princes Street. 

I'll put up more location pics later...

 Sam x

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message 1: by Mer (new)

Mer Yep, we're going to need those plane tickets in our new copies of the book for sure now!! I want magical Christmases!!

message 2: by Wanderlust (new)

Wanderlust Oh my the Christmas Market in Edinburgh is one of my most favourite things :)
I am really looking forward to reading your book Samantha - I've hardly read any good books based in Scotland.

message 3: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Young @Mer - Lol! Now wouldn't that be awesome. If I was a billionaire I'd so do that :D

@Shona - Oh cool! I like reading a book set in a location I know as well, so hopefully you'll enjoy this one :D And the market and Christmas on Princes Street is one my most favourite things too!


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