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Happy Saturday! Like many throughout the nation and world, I spent Sunday night glued to my computer watching NASA’s Rover Curiosity’s successful landing on Mars. I got goosebumps. I hope my British readers aren’t offended by this picture. I just had to. I mean, look at the Eagle’s expression!

Favorite Song of the Week ~ Bad Lip Reading just gets better and better. They covered Coldplay’s  In My Place. Renamed it Yeti. I’d love to see a behind-the-scenes video for BLR.

Work in Progress News ~ Wrote a few K into Dean’s story, the second in the Earth Scents series. I’m a little worried about following a m/f book with an m/m book. If I have any reader opinions, I’d love to hear them. Otherwise, I’m just chugging away. Dean’s story will be written either way I guess.

Search Term of the week aka How People Found My Websites ~ This week, I found this partial phrase: “her hands moved lower”. I always wonder if these are things I typed in previous flash fiction stories? Those four words must have struck a chord somewhere somehow.

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What I’m reading ~ I don’t remember why I picked this one up. Sure, Jennifer Probst is a bestseller and all, but I’m usually not swayed by that. The Marriage Bargain is a contemporary novella, with a whole lot of 80s Harlequin flare. We have a billionaire, a struggling working class girl, an arranged marriage, and even a sneaky dead uncle’s will. I admit, I loved it. Snappy dialogue, and excellent writing. Entangled Publishing is on my short list of potential publishers.

[image error]Hero Quote ~ From Derek in Fine Print. This is where he changes the rules on poor Kara.

 ”If you really wanted to have a sterile conception, you would have gone to a sterile sperm bank, and picked one of the sterile vials of sperm, with no strings attached. This way, we’re skipping the middle man. We can bypass the lab and maybe even enjoy ourselves a little bit in the process.”

Kara handles it pretty well though. Okay folks. Time to get back to it. Have a great week!

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