Club Fantasy, Chapter 26

Rick woke up slowly, blinking a little, Mickey's hair over his face like always. What wasn't like always was the heat behind him in the bed. Big, huge. Lots of muscles and one arm reaching past him, big hand wrapped around one of Mickey's hips.

Tank. The man sure did live up to his name.

Rick sighed softly, let his eyes close again. He approved.

Tank rumbled sleepily and pushed closer, cock huge and hard against his ass.

"Mmm." He could handle that.

Tank patted Mickey's hip and then his own, the man's breath hot on his neck. They started moving together, in slow, easy motions, both riding together. Tank began making noises, low groans and deep moans. His crack became slick as Tank's cock leaked drop after drop.

"More." Rick was all about morning nookie.

"Condom?" Tank's voice was morning rough.

"Uh-huh." He nodded, hands reached out for the strip of rubbers.

Mickey passed them to him, along with the lube, giving him an impish grin. Rick took them, handed them back, and then kissed his brother. Mickey kissed him back enthusiastically, if sleepily.

Then Tank's fingers rubbed along his crack, warm and slick and thick. He fucked Mickey's lips, humming happily as he pressed back into the touch. One of Tank's thick fingers pushed right into his ass, the lube cool on his swollen, hot hole. He whimpered into Mickey's lips.

One finger became two, Tank opening him up.

"More..." He spread, one of Mickey's hands dragging his leg over his twin's hip.

A third finger pushed into him, getting him ready for Tank's thick cock. He pushed back like a huge slut, eyes rolling in his head.

"Oh, I think you're ready." Tank's voice dragged down along his spine.

"Yeah. Yeah, please." He wasn't too proud, especially when Mickey's fingers joined Tank's.

"God, that's sexy." Tank and Mickey finger fucked him for a while, and then they pulled out and he could feel the blunt head of Tank's cock pressing at him.

Mickey wriggled down, lips trailing on his belly.

He didn't know which sensation to focus on, but when Tank's cock spread him wide and pushed in, he couldn't think of anything else. Low groans poured out of him, and he lifted his chin, turned his head, begging a kiss. Tank's lips closed over his.

Oh. Heaven. This was heaven.

His ass clenched around Tank's prick, the pressure perfect. Tank groaned and wrapped one hand around his cock, feeding it to Mickey's lips. Everything in him -- from his head to his toes, went white-hot and happy. This was a fucking wet dream.

Tank began to move. Each strong thrust pushed him into Mickey's mouth.

"Harder. Oh, fuck. Keeping you. So keeping you." Shut up. Shut up.

Mickey nodded over his cock, moaning low.

Tank gave it to him harder. The man grunted and sped up, pounding into him so good.

"Fuck." He shook a little, shifting to get Tank where he wanted the man. Tank shifted, too, and the next thing he knew, that fat cock pushed right against his gland. "Yes!" He jerked, eyes bugging out of his head. "Again. Fuck. Again."

Tank obliged, finding that good, hard rhythm again. The man was good enough to stay right there, hitting his gland over and over. He gasped, fighting to catch his breath, to think. It wasn't going to happen, though, not with Tank's fat cock splitting him open and Mickey's mouth pulling him in.

"Gonna. Gonna. I. Fucking hell." His head slammed back, throat working.

"Yeah, that's it, Rick. Come on my cock. Feels so fucking good."

"Tank." He looked down at his Mickey, saw the wild, happy grin.

Then he shot so hard his teeth rattled. Tank moaned, hand going tight on his hip as his ass clamped down. Mickey climbed up his body, rubbing off on his belly, kissing him with lips that tasted like them as heat sprayed on his skin.

Tank's hand slipped from his hip to Mickey's ass, patting it.

Mickey hummed, smiled. "Come home with us." It wasn't really a question.

"Sure." Tank laughed, the sound deep and rich. "For the day?" The last three words were less confident than the first.

"No." He looked at Mickey, who nodded, and then he looked up. "Come home. For real."

"Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay." Tank's arms went around them both, holding them in a tight hug. "I will."

"Oh, good." Mickey laughed, both of them snuggling in. "I mean, this is fabulous, but..."

He nodded. "Our place is a home."

"A home's better than a fantasy, any day." Tank kept holding them. "And I really am a winner now. The happiest winner ever."


Robin moaned and pushed back into Lazlo's thrusts as he dragged his hand along his own cock. Damn, but the man knew how to wind him up and send him flying. He hung there, on the edge. Lazlo's cock bashed into his prostate with every thrust. Every time it happened he squeezed the head of his cock. God he was close.

Lazlo's thrusts got harder and sharp teeth bit into his shoulder. Robin shouted, shooting hard enough he kind of blacked out a bit.

"Mmm. Good job, man." Lazlo nipped and bit at him.

He groaned as Lazlo started pulling out of him. Squeezing his ass, he tried to keep his lover inside. Once they were done the questions would start; they'd had a fantasy winner. Lazlo always came then; he always knew.

"Oh. Fuck, that's sweet."

"If I keep you hard will you do me again?" He’d like that. He’d love it.

"Fuck, yes. Business can wait."

Business. It was more than business, though, right? Lazlo wanted to let the business part wait. Robin squeezed his ass again.

"Oh, damn. You're so good at that." Oh, listen to that need. It was more than business. It was.

Rocking forward, he let Lazlo partly out and then pushed back to take the man's cock back in.


He nodded. Yeah. Yeah, they were going to go again. Lazlo was going to fuck him into exhaustion. They started moving faster.

"You make me stupid..." Lazlo fucked him hard, their skin slapping together.

"You make me fly." He arched his back, pushing into each thrust.

"Beautiful bastard..."

"Come on, Laz, give it to me." He closed his eyes and just felt.

"Everything. Everything I have." One hand slapped his ass, just making it sting a little.

They kept moving together, hard and furious. He didn't want it to end. Moans were filling the air, Lazlo whimpering for him. His cock throbbed and he grabbed his balls to stave off his orgasm.

"I fucking feel you. Fuck, baby." Laz arched, humping into him.

"Yeah. Yeah. More." He couldn't hold out much longer.

"Need..." Laz sounded almost pained, almost scared. "Need you, Robbie."

"Got me. You've got me." Robin's orgasm went through him like a huge, long wave.

"Robbie!" Lazlo's body jerked, cock swelling, filling him.

He collapsed down onto the bed, panting for his breath.

Lazlo moaned, nuzzling him. "Damn, you're dangerous."

"I don't think I'm the dangerous one, Laz."

"No? You're dangerous to me."

He laughed. "How am I dangerous?" He wasn't the one with the intense, strange eyes and the questions.

"You can steal my heart, Robbie."

"Oh." He could hardly breathe at Laz's admission. "If I did, I'd be careful with it. I swear."

"You'd have to keep it a secret, man. That's... that's trouble for me, lover."

"Who would I tell?" The only person he told secrets to was Lazlo.

Laz chuckled a little, held him close. "Good point."

Seemed like they weren't going to talk business after all, at least not for a little while longer.
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