Picture I've been tagged by  Mohana Rajakumar . The point of this hop is to discuss works in progress. At the end, I pick five people to tag and torture. ;)

My current work in progress I should be working on is Being Vampire. Only I'm not working too hard on it. Been finding lots of reasons not to open the file. It's not that I think the story is bad. I read through it and have plans to get it published. I'm just struggling with my anxieties over it. What if it's not good as Being Human ? How people will compare it to Being Human? Nevermind, Lor has assured me the first draft kept her as interested as Being Human did.
The struggles I had writing the first draft doesn't help. I have never struggled so much with a WIP. I started it, scraped it, started it, got a good bit, scraped it all, set it aside, picked it back up, wrote it by hand, typed it out. At one point I put it aside for two months. I couldn't figure out the ending. The two month break helped though. After turning my focus to stories that were coming easy, I figured out the ending to Being Vampire and got it written. Now I'm rewriting the first draft and making changes. Part one is rewritten and now I'm back to stalling.

It's just so hard to get past my anxieties and easy to put it off. I need a swift kick - multiple ones. Lor has promised to help with that too. I also have #writingatgunpoint on Twitter. A friend came up with it and that's good motivation to write. Yes, we write too, not just tweet each other. With enough kicks - I mean help I know I can get this done.

Who I'm tagging:  Lor  (duh!)  Murphy  (duh again!)  Angela  because I know she has an abundance of WIPs to talk about.  Daniel  because I know he hasn't blogged in a while so maybe this will motivate him. Plus, can he really pass up the chance to torment people with hints about Daeva 2's ending? Last victim,  MJ .
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