Hello again!

Still sharing some snippets from one of my WIPs, tentatively titled A Heart Is A Home.

For those new to this particular story, it's one I started a while back, but haven't really worked on in ages. It's not even completely formulated in my head, but it is the story of Adam Taylor (Jason's friend and lawyer from Love Is The Drug), a free-spirited sort who meets and falls for a thoroughly efficient and just a bit stodgy realtor whom he's hired to sell the home he grew up in after the death of his grandfather.

I'm picking up directly after the last sentence from last week. The first two sentences this week conclude the paragraph from last week's snippet.
     He  stepped out of her way and held his arm out in a gesture of welcome. “Come on in.”
     She looked all around, up at the ceilings, down at the floors, and then scratched a quick note on the lined pad of her clipboard with the blue gel roller ball pen she was carrying.
     “Would you like some coffee? I’m just about to make some.”
     She didn’t even glance at him as she moved past him.

If you enjoyed this, why not stop by the Six Sentence Sunday website for the links to other authors who are participating? Have Fun and Happy Reading!

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Eyehavenofilter I love reading these... Then I go to church... Lol.

message 2: by K.E. (new)

K.E. Saxon LOL! For the chuckle, I needed that!!

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