Book 1 of the INFINITY RING series is called "A Mutiny in Time." James Dashner opens the series with excitement, laugh out loud humor, and - dare I say it? - a lot of really interesting historical information. This gorgeous box went out to several of Scholastic's accounts to let them know about the books. It contains a poster signed by all six IR authors, an ARC of Book 1, and a sample insert that takes readers into the online game.

Book 2 is called DIVIDE AND CONQUER by Carrie Ryan. And the cover for Book 3, THE TRAP DOOR, was just released this week. They are every bit as brilliant, and the story just gets ever better as it continues to evolve.

Books 4 and 5 are in the writing and planning stages now with fabulous authors Matt De La Pena and Matthew Kirby. Then the torch passes to me. My plan is just to complicate everything so much that when I hand the series back to James for Book 7, he can sit for a few minutes and wonder how to tie up a few of the crazier threads I introduce.

Just kidding.

Sort of. James is up to the challenge.

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