Dear Teen Girl I Kicked out of My Group When We Were 15,

You've been hanging around with me and my friends for a little while, but I'm about to tell you I don't think you fit in with us. As if I'm the fitting in police. I've got my own problems and insecurities, by the way, which I'm trying to hide by surrounding myself with very beautiful, cool kids. For some reason this seems important to me right now. Later, I'll know it's really stupid and pointless and you should hang out with people who make your heart sing, regardless of their coolness.

Anyway, I'll decide you're too different from us (as if that's a bad thing, and not a wonderful thing) Your hair is too frizzy, you tell jokes not everyone understands and you don't wear white jeans or tease your fringe like we do. I'll turn one of our other friends against you and we'll both tell you one lunchtime. We'll plan it. When we tell you, you'll be cool about it, but your face will tell me you're really hurt and you will probably cry later. 

Even though I'm the one who's the bully, I'll feel really awful too. I'll feel bad about it for a really long time. Even though you quickly make lots of new friends, who love you for the awesome person you are.  They'll still love you 23 years later when I see you at our school reunion.

And guess what? The popular girls (the girls I thought you didn't fit in with) will crowd around you, hanging on your every word, because you're still so funny and likeable. You'll have had two gorgeous kids and be married to a lovely guy. You'll have an amazing, meaningful job that you enjoy and great friends and family around you. You'll be confident and stylish, but also down to earth.  

Later on, you'll be the person at the pub that everyone wants to stand next to and share a drink with, especially me. You will make me laugh and feel good about myself and I'll wonder why on earth I didn't want you in my group. You are clearly such a good sort.

And when you send me a 'friend request' on facebook the next day, I'll fall over myself to accept it. I'll look at your photos, and see how much fun your life is, and I'll hope you'll let me into your group.

** This post was written around the theme BULLY for TeamTEEN Author.

The purpose of teamTEENauthor is to gather a group of writers publishing books for the teen audience who are committed to speaking directly to their readers through means such as, but not limited to: age-relevant topics, public humiliation, and personal stories. In other words, we don’t just want to write for you, we want to talk to you, too.

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